A Party Fit for a Princess

Everly’s third birthday was simple and perfect – we celebrated with just our closest family and friends at my parents house on her actual birthday, which happened to fall on a Saturday.  We kept the day easy with pizza, beer, and princess cake (of course) and the kid couldn’t have been happier.

That morning after breakfast and a few presents, I treated Everly to her very first manicure and pedicure at this little kids’ salon at the mall.  It was the silliest thing ever but she just LOVED every second of it, and I can’t say I blame her.  She picked out pink for her tootsies and sparkly red for her fingers, and giggled during her leg and foot massage.  She also had her hair pulled up into a little braid, chose a pink glitter heart for her cheek, and picked out Cupcake-scented perfume.  It was adorable seeing her so happy getting dolled up before her party.

Amelia decided to start walking that day, so Everly politely let her steal the spotlight for a bit, only to take center stage as soon as she put on her new roller skates and had Kyle take her for a few spins around the house.  After opening presents and eating plenty of cake and ice cream, the sky cleared up and both girls ended up in the pool with Gobble (pictured, yes).  We finished the day with a chicken sighting in the backyard (one of the neighbor’s escaped the coop and Everly helped in the rescue efforts).  It was a perfect day for a third birthday party, fit for a little princess.


















I think my last post touched on the fact that Spring was finally here… Well here we are well into June and I’m finally getting around to posting again. With the warm weather, the girls are loving being outside as much as possible.  Whether it’s swimming, swinging, or exploring, we try to get out as much as we can!

Everly is loving the water these days! Give the girl a pool or a watering can and she’s as happy as can be.  We had a rainy Sunday and Everly decided to suit up in her snow boots and rain coat, and armed with Uncle Kyle and her princess umbrella, she was perfectly content heading out in the wet weather to search for puddles to jump in.  Besides adventuring in her big backyard, she’s looking forward to turning THREE in August and starting preschool later this summer!

Amelia is just the happiest, most joyful little soul.  She is constantly cracking up at her sister, or flashing these huge smiles when you catch her eye – she just makes my day!  She is so close to crawling and is always on the go.  The kid can clear the length of a room with a handful of body rolls, squealing with laughter the entire time.  Such a stinker!

We’re counting down the days til our family vacation in Destin next month!  We’ve been going to the same beach for the past three years and it’s definitely a family tradition that we plan on continuing each year with the girls.  Check out our pics from Destin 2012 and Destin 2011.  We can’t wait!

summer 2013 048

summer 2013 060

summer 2013 044

summer 2013 049

summer 2013 014


This Pregnancy…31 Weeks In

30 weeks and rushing out the door to work

What a whirlwind this pregnancy has been.  I’ve been spoiled this time around as things have been pretty easy and I’ve purely been enjoying every second.  I’m now in my third trimester and can honestly say that I still don’t have too much to complain about.   Here’s a little recap of what’s different:

  • I’m carrying a tad bit lower and tighter this time.
  • I’ve had literally no heartburn or leg cramps (yay!)
  • I feel like I’m eating a lot better this time around, though I’m right on track with the about the same amount of weight gain as last time.
  • Still no sign of the linea nigra – the brown line that a lot of women get on their bellies during pregnancy.  (This showed up with my last pregnancy and didn’t truly fade until about 10 months after Everly was born.)

I’m starting to feel my pelvic bones shifting, and each day that I get out of bed, the dull achiness reminds me that I’m getting closer and closer.  The way that the body prepares for birth is completely fascinating to me.

Last week I found out that this baby is currently in a breech position.  Since my doctor isn’t too worried about it and feels confident that she has plenty of time and room to flip before showtime, I’m not letting it stress me out either.  I’m just letting this baby girl do her thing and just making sure that I’m spending some time upside down here and there with a few yoga poses (downward facing dog, plank, and supported shoulder stand, when I can) and plan on doing lots of swimming this weekend too (said to help promote a baby to flip the other way around).

Having had a very positive experience with Everly’s birth, I’m feeling pretty confident as my due date approaches.  I know that each birth can be totally different, but I have a lot of faith in what my body can do and I’m hoping everything is smooth sailing just like before.  At any rate, I’m staying active as much as possible, drinking my red raspberry leaf tea (suggested by herbalists to tone the uterus and prepare for birth), and just generally trying to focus on having another good experience.

As for the little lady’s room and everything else, I’m practicing the fine art of procrastination and somehow finding every other thing that I need to do besides that.  Not to worry though, I have a few things on my radar that I’m making a priority these last few weeks.

Until then, Marty, Ev and I are all ready to enjoy this holiday weekend and the last few days of summer before the season starts to change.  Hope you have a great week!


Another Week in Paradise

It’s been a few (long) weeks since we’ve been back from our annual family vacation at the beach and I’m finally getting around to posting some of our photos.  Better late than never, right?  The Emerald Coast, was absolutely breathtaking, as it always is, and captured our hearts the same way it does every year.  We were happy to leave behind our normal routines in St. Louis and live a week of the beach life, with no set bedtimes, nap times, or mealtimes, and just going with the flow and whatever felt best.  Everly, just as we suspected, proved to be quite the little fish we thought her to be and spent every spare second she could swimming in the pool or with us in the ocean (she did NOT care for the sand, however).  We can’t believe we’ll have another little guppy in tow with us next year!  I am 25 weeks pregnant in these pictures and here I am 25 weeks pregnant with Everly.  Enjoy these pictures – we’ll be looking at them all year til we get to go back!


Lately these 100-degree-plus days have been spent trying to find interesting things to do indoors, while twiddling our thumbs and waiting patiently until our vacation begins.  (2 more days of work, 6 more days until we get back to this place, but who’s counting?)

If it’s not a workday, we usually fill up Ev’s pool in the early morning and splash around in the bamboo shade of our driveway.  Despite the blistering sun and heat, we stay pretty cool in this part of our property, drinking our lemonade and enjoying the little kiddie pool that’s so quickly become a regular part of our summer days.

Lately, Ev’s been talking up a storm and counting like crazy.  Sometimes she’ll get to around 14 or so, skipping a number here and there, but nonetheless impressive for a 22-month old.  She loves her markers and coloring books, stickers, and turning any surface she can into a balance beam.   Everyday, we talk about the little sister she’s going to have and how much we are all going to have together.

I’ve neglected this little blog since lately I’ve been consumed with a new-to-me toy, my Nikon D3000 DSLR camera, a gift from my Dad (Thanks a MILLION, Dad!).  This thing is amazing, even to a newbie like me, and while I don’t know a thing about photography, I’m sure having some fun playing around and reading about things like aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc. (thank you Pinterest).  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually try to apply some of these things in manual mode.  For now though, I mostly shoot in auto and let the camera do all the thinking.  I’m very excited to put this thing to work on the beach and hopefully get some great family shots.

It’s going to be a busy week for us – Marty is traveling a little for work, then we have our annual Fourth of July party at the lake, and after that we’re BEACH BOUND.  Can’t wait!  Hope you’re having a beautiful summer.  Stay cool!


Memorial Day at the Lake

Just thought I’d share a few pictures from our little “stay-cation” this past holiday weekend at the lake.  We enjoyed lots of fresh air, BBQ, fun times with friends, and plenty of laughter.  It was also our 6th wedding anniversary that Saturday, so a little low key overnight gathering with friends was the perfect little way to celebrate.  We had a blast and can’t wait for the rest of this summer’s adventures to come.



First snow cone!

First snow cones of the season and definitely not the last! I was a big time snow cone junkie when I was pregnant with Everly and that craving has returned with this pregnancy too. It was only natural to bring Ev along today and introduce her to her first snow cone, which she absolutely loved.

Me: “Want to go get snow cones, Evy?” Ev: “Cone nuts? Yeah!” It was a done deal.

She had Strawberry, I had Tiger’s Blood, and they were a godsend in the 89-degree heat. The whole way home Ev talked to us about the “cones” and how good they were. Looks like I officially have another snow cone fan to hang out with this summer. 🙂

Very happy girls

We had a delightful weekend. We had friends over on Saturday night and I made these enchiladas which were fantastic. Ev stayed up late with us and was the highlight of the night, dancing to records in her PJ’s until her eyes grew heavy and she took my hand to take her to bed. One of my best friends, Lauren, and I, stayed up late talking and even decided to go on a late-night milkshake run. It was a lovely weekend indeed.