6 Months Old


My baby girl is half a year old and growing up before our very eyes.  It’s exciting to think that in just six more months, we’ll be dressing her up in a fancy party dress and letting her smash a big, decorated birthday cupcake into her fingers and face.   Here’s a little update on all things Everly, and what we’ve learned since meeting her six months ago.

Age: 6 Months and 2 Weeks

Weight/Height: 20 lbs. and 3 ounces.  Whopper!  She’s pretty much topping the charts for height and weight at about the 98th percentile.  At only 6 months old, she’s wearing 12 month size clothes comfortably.

Choppers: Evie’s been phenomenal with teething and is already sportin’ four hippo chompers!  One on the bottom and the other three on top.  We’ve started lightly brushing her teeth and gums every night before her bath, using a small finger toothbrush and water, in the hopes that we’ll start good habits early.

Nursing: I am still breastfeeding Everly and happy to report that we have not had to supplement with formula at all.  Breastfeeding has definitely required quite a bit of dedication but it has been worth every second.  All in all, it’s been critical in establishing a fantastic bond with Everly, and something I am so glad that I was able to commit to.  And no, I’m not really planning on stopping anytime soon.

Development: Put Everly down on her back and she flips to her belly immediately.  This girl is ready to move!  She loves bouncing up and down when we hold her and especially when her  Daddy plays records at night.  I feel like she’ll be crawling before we know it… time to baby-proof!

Personality: Happiest baby in town.  I truly mean this.  She wakes up with sparkles in her eyes and giggles when we kiss her.   The kid is as cool as a cucumber.

Things that make her happy: Her pup-pups, Roxy & Leyla, seeing her pretty reflection in the mirror, bath time, naked time!, when she gets to fly around our living room (with Daddy as the pilot)…  pretty much everything makes this kid smile, and her parents too.

Quirks: When Evie is a sleepyhead, I cuddle her up in my lap on the Boppy pillow.  When she’s all snuggly and has her favorite binky, she’ll rub my shirt on her face and nose and coo until she falls asleep.  This is how she falls asleep every night, and one of my favorite things about her.  Her little sounds are the best!

Dear Everly

The first day of February brought with it a huge blizzard complete with freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow. I was all set to work from home when I got word that our St. Louis office was going to be closed due to the winter storm, which meant good things for Miss Everly and I.

We both stayed in pajamas for most of the day and played with toys, read books, took silly pictures, and even baked chocolate chip cookies. Everly wore cloth diapers the whole day and I didn’t even have to look at my breast pump one time. We snuggled on the couch and she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I can’t tell you how good it felt for my little girl to fall asleep on me and to feel her soft breath and little coos in my ear, and even better, to see the look of surprise and happiness on her face when she awoke and realized her Mom was there and had been with her the whole time she was asleep.

It was nice pretending to be a Stay-at-Home Mama for the day, and as much as I’m dreaming about the sunny days of Spring, I wouldn’t mind the occasional snow day once and a while.


15 Weeks Old

Can ya’ll believe it?  Our little birdie is 15 weeks old.   I just love these pictures we took the other day.  She was happy to dress up in a new onesie from Grandma Ellen (check out the Boston Terrier that looks just like our own Leyla Jane!) and ADORABLE handmade beanie from her Aunt Cheryl.  Don’t you just love Grandma’s and Auntie’s?  Everly thinks they are the cat’s pajamas.  Here’s a little look into the world of 15-Week-Olds these days:

Milestones: Talking, using those hands, and big, jolly, belly laughs!  We’ve been getting little tastes of this lately, but just the other day it’s as if a switch went off and things have really shown improvement.  Everly loves laughing at her Mama, reaching out and touching Daddy’s face, and grabbing everything she can and trying to take a big gobble out of it!

Sleeping habits: Evie is still getting up a few times for a couple of feedings, but for the most part we’ve established a schedule and she sleeps from about 8 pm to about 7 am.  Mama doesn’t mind getting up with her though – it’s our special time together.

What’s new: We’re so excited to be planning Everly’s baptism, which will be taking place next month at St. Luke the Evangelist.  Now, we need to get this little chunker a christening gown and plan a party!

Just around the corner: Everly’s first Thanksgiving!  Not that she can enjoy turkey & yams with us, but it’s still a first.  And for Marty and I, this Thanksgiving is sentimental because it was Thanksgiving time last year that we told our parents & siblings our little secret about having a bun in the oven.

Looking forward to: We’ll be starting cereal soon and we can’t wait to see her reaction! (Marty and I are big foodies ourselves, so we’re thinking Everly is going to love the stuff as much as we do).  Hopefully, we can instill good eating habits in her at an early age.

Until next time, take care!


The Little Miss…

So I apologize for not blogging in such a long time, but the past few weeks have been rather exciting!  Marty recently found out that he got the promotion that he had interviewed for last month.  As a Treasury Management Analyst, he’ll be working from UMB’s downtown branch starting next week.  On top of that good news, I was happy to hear back from the company that I interviewed with in February and was super excited to receive an offer from them.  While they were eager to get me started in training, I ended up giving notice to my employer that day and will be starting at Brown Shoe Company this week!

After all of this fantastic news, how could it possibly get any better right?  Well, believe that it does.  Marty and I seem to be on a winning streak lately, and our good luck was compounded when we went in for my 19 week ultrasound last week and found out that… it’s a GIRL!  A healthy, active, long-limbed baby girl – it’s official!

We are so excited that we have a little girl Buehler baking in the oven!  Tuesday night, Marty and I met my parents, Marty’s Mom, and my sister, Halley at my OB to find out the sex of our baby.  While my Dad waited outside in the reception area, we crowded around the monitor in the dim ultrasound room and watched the little lady moving about, stretching, and even reaching up and touching her face.

The ultrasound tech told us that everything looked perfect.  We saw all the little bones in her fingers, her brain, the chambers of her tiny beating heart, her spinal cord, and of course, her lady parts.  Everything is measuring to proportion except for her arms and legs, which are measuring at 21 weeks (she was 18 weeks, 6 days on Tuesday) so it looks like she may have my body type (Yay!).We are absolutely thrilled that we are having a girl and can’t wait to start putting her room and clothes together!  We honestly couldn’t be happier.

Valentine’s Day Heartbeats

This is not me, just thought it was cute & Valentine-sy

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day weekend.  I spent mine at home with my three loves: Marty, Roxy & Leyla. Oh and food. Four loves.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Got to hear the baby’s heartbeat today at my 17 week appointment! And boy (or girl), was it beating fast – 155 bmp so to speak.  This pregnancy is flying by so quickly – it seems like just yesterday I was peeing on a stick and now we’re only 10 days away from finding out if I have a little mister or a little lady who has decided to take up temporary space in my uterus.  I’m curious… what do you think?  Leave us a comment & let us know what your gut tells you & why.


More Superbowl Sunday Fun…

So here’s the real deal.  Marty decides to shave his caveman beard off tonight and has some fun with experimenting with different mustache styles.   Along with the handlebar look, we decide he needs a cowboy hat to finish it all off & we are all having too much fun with it.  Believe it or not, he is currently walking around the house with a full-on Hitler-stache.  I’ll try to get pictures for evidence, but everything will be long gone by the time he heads into the office tomorrow morning. Enjoy!