And we’re calling her…

I guess it’s about time we let the cat out of the bag.  It’s not really a secret but we haven’t formally announced what her name will be.  We’re so excited to meet Miss Everly Grace – we think the name is beautiful and hope you all do too!

These are wooden baby blocks that actually made myself – I know, crazy right?  Watch out Everly Grace, your Mama is starting to get crafty!

The Little Miss…

So I apologize for not blogging in such a long time, but the past few weeks have been rather exciting!  Marty recently found out that he got the promotion that he had interviewed for last month.  As a Treasury Management Analyst, he’ll be working from UMB’s downtown branch starting next week.  On top of that good news, I was happy to hear back from the company that I interviewed with in February and was super excited to receive an offer from them.  While they were eager to get me started in training, I ended up giving notice to my employer that day and will be starting at Brown Shoe Company this week!

After all of this fantastic news, how could it possibly get any better right?  Well, believe that it does.  Marty and I seem to be on a winning streak lately, and our good luck was compounded when we went in for my 19 week ultrasound last week and found out that… it’s a GIRL!  A healthy, active, long-limbed baby girl – it’s official!

We are so excited that we have a little girl Buehler baking in the oven!  Tuesday night, Marty and I met my parents, Marty’s Mom, and my sister, Halley at my OB to find out the sex of our baby.  While my Dad waited outside in the reception area, we crowded around the monitor in the dim ultrasound room and watched the little lady moving about, stretching, and even reaching up and touching her face.

The ultrasound tech told us that everything looked perfect.  We saw all the little bones in her fingers, her brain, the chambers of her tiny beating heart, her spinal cord, and of course, her lady parts.  Everything is measuring to proportion except for her arms and legs, which are measuring at 21 weeks (she was 18 weeks, 6 days on Tuesday) so it looks like she may have my body type (Yay!).We are absolutely thrilled that we are having a girl and can’t wait to start putting her room and clothes together!  We honestly couldn’t be happier.