Easter Weekend

Note to self, a 2 1/2 year old that wakes up at 6:30 on Easter morning and fills up on jelly beans and chocolate milk will turn into this by 9 am…

march 2013 058

However, with a little sunshine and fresh air, things will turn around before the day continues.   At least long enough to take a decent sort-of family picture.

march 2013 082

What a beautiful Easter it was.  Filled with family, food, and lots of Easter goodies.  Ev and Amelia both made out like bandits from the Easter bunny.  Ev’s basket had bubbles, a sun hat/sunglasses (for the beach!), a bunny, and a Cinderella doll.  Amelia’s little basket had some new binkies and soft teething toys, though she was much more interested in trying to eat my hair.

march 2013 098

march 2013 103

march 2013 108


march 2013 123

Whenever we’re around my family, Everly always gravitates to Kyle.  Whether they’re kicking a soccer ball around, or swinging, she is crazy about her Uncle! 🙂

march 2013 111
Seeing all the little cousins hunt for eggs was adorable.  Everly did pretty well this year and had a blast, of course.  And the weather was superb!

march 2013 124

march 2013 132

march 2013 143

march 2013 148

march 2013 157



Everly just loved her dress and didn’t stop twirling through the grass all day long.  Even long after we arrived home and were winding down from the day, it took some coaxing to get her to change and hang her dress up, grass stains and all, after a well-deserved day enjoyed in it with plenty of magical memories.