This Pregnancy…31 Weeks In

30 weeks and rushing out the door to work

What a whirlwind this pregnancy has been.  I’ve been spoiled this time around as things have been pretty easy and I’ve purely been enjoying every second.  I’m now in my third trimester and can honestly say that I still don’t have too much to complain about.   Here’s a little recap of what’s different:

  • I’m carrying a tad bit lower and tighter this time.
  • I’ve had literally no heartburn or leg cramps (yay!)
  • I feel like I’m eating a lot better this time around, though I’m right on track with the about the same amount of weight gain as last time.
  • Still no sign of the linea nigra – the brown line that a lot of women get on their bellies during pregnancy.  (This showed up with my last pregnancy and didn’t truly fade until about 10 months after Everly was born.)

I’m starting to feel my pelvic bones shifting, and each day that I get out of bed, the dull achiness reminds me that I’m getting closer and closer.  The way that the body prepares for birth is completely fascinating to me.

Last week I found out that this baby is currently in a breech position.  Since my doctor isn’t too worried about it and feels confident that she has plenty of time and room to flip before showtime, I’m not letting it stress me out either.  I’m just letting this baby girl do her thing and just making sure that I’m spending some time upside down here and there with a few yoga poses (downward facing dog, plank, and supported shoulder stand, when I can) and plan on doing lots of swimming this weekend too (said to help promote a baby to flip the other way around).

Having had a very positive experience with Everly’s birth, I’m feeling pretty confident as my due date approaches.  I know that each birth can be totally different, but I have a lot of faith in what my body can do and I’m hoping everything is smooth sailing just like before.  At any rate, I’m staying active as much as possible, drinking my red raspberry leaf tea (suggested by herbalists to tone the uterus and prepare for birth), and just generally trying to focus on having another good experience.

As for the little lady’s room and everything else, I’m practicing the fine art of procrastination and somehow finding every other thing that I need to do besides that.  Not to worry though, I have a few things on my radar that I’m making a priority these last few weeks.

Until then, Marty, Ev and I are all ready to enjoy this holiday weekend and the last few days of summer before the season starts to change.  Hope you have a great week!