Dear Everly, You Are 18 Months Old

Dear Everly,

At just 6 months shy of age Two, you never cease to amaze your Dad and I with showing  us something new you’ve learned each passing day.  You’re like a little sponge, taking in each and every person you encounter, reading their feelings, studying their movements and mannerisms, and imitating actions, repeating words, and using everything in your power to communicate.

Recently, you’ve demonstrated your interest in climbing and love walking on the balance beam at your tumbling class.  You also love pretend-play with your stuffed animals, brushing your teeth, and reading books.  Most of all, my little Everly, you love to move your body and dance when you hear the sound of music.  You’re never inhibited- even in a room full of strangers- and I hope you always hold on to this confidence.

You’re starting to show so much affection toward others, which warms my heart like nothing else.  You always have a hug for me, a kiss for your Dad, and a snuggle for Roxy and Leyla, and your awareness about others’ feelings is starting to grow more apparent to those close to you.

Your reaction to the world and things around you is quite humbling.  Many times I’ll hear you gasp in excitement at the sight of a full moon through our dining room window, or I’ll catch your eyes widen in wonder as a sunset peeks over the horizon.  It makes me remember the true beauty in ordinary things that we sometimes take for granted, which is such an important lesson you’ve taught me.

Not a day goes by that I don’t tell you that you are beautiful, that you are smart, and that you are important, and if I teach you anything in this life, I’ll do everything within my power to make sure that you always know this.

Your Mama

Dear Everly

The first day of February brought with it a huge blizzard complete with freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow. I was all set to work from home when I got word that our St. Louis office was going to be closed due to the winter storm, which meant good things for Miss Everly and I.

We both stayed in pajamas for most of the day and played with toys, read books, took silly pictures, and even baked chocolate chip cookies. Everly wore cloth diapers the whole day and I didn’t even have to look at my breast pump one time. We snuggled on the couch and she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I can’t tell you how good it felt for my little girl to fall asleep on me and to feel her soft breath and little coos in my ear, and even better, to see the look of surprise and happiness on her face when she awoke and realized her Mom was there and had been with her the whole time she was asleep.

It was nice pretending to be a Stay-at-Home Mama for the day, and as much as I’m dreaming about the sunny days of Spring, I wouldn’t mind the occasional snow day once and a while.