Pumpkin Picking at Rombachs Farm

These pictures are about a week or so old but better late than never, right?ย  We enjoyed some fun times and plenty of sunshine at Rombachs’ a few weekends ago.ย  Here are a few shots from our day…

See our pictures from last year’s pumpkin patch visit here and here.ย  And see Everly’s very first trip to the pumpkin patch here.ย  It’s amazing how much she’s grown! (sob) ๐Ÿ™‚

I am just three days away from my due date on Halloween so we’ve been trying to wrap up loose ends at home and in the office.ย  While I’m extremely anxious to meet the little lady who keeps me up and night and likes to kick me throughout the day, I’m pretty content with letting her decide when her birthday will be.ย  So we’ll see… I’m not positive but I’m thinking this Halloween baby may be a November baby after all.


Trick or Treat

This little mischievous, woodland gnome was spotted in our garden on Monday night…

She was up to no good, as usual.ย  But we decided to keep her anyways.

And who would have thought that Trick-or-Treating would come so naturally to her?

The sneaky little bugger even talked us into letting her have some candy.

Those gnomes just always get their way…

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!ย  We sure did!

E (+ Marty & Everly)