The Handsome One

I was lucky to get out for a much-needed date night with The Handsome One this Saturday.  After enjoying some afternoon entertainment of crazy thunderstorms and torrential downpours, the sun came out and it turned into an absolutely beautiful day.  We hopped in the Yaris and did one of our favorite things: explore old neighborhoods and search for the perfect spot to want to build our dream home!  Of course, every time we do this we find a new spot, and though the liklihood of this happening anytime soon is pretty slim, we are two big dreamers who LOVE to let our imaginations take over.

That night, Marty ended up taking me to enjoy some fantastic Indian food at a new place we’ve never tried.  Who would have ever thought that an Indian restaurant on the top floor of a Best Western hotel would be soooo amazing!  We sat at this great window-side table with a pretty cool view of the airport enjoying Spinach Paratha, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, and Lamb Saagwala (our favorite!).  Marty had a Kingfisher beer while I enjoyed a Mango shake and the little girl kicked up a storm.  As we sat there watching planes take off and land on the tarmac, we couldn’t help but think about all the vacations we can’t wait to take as a family. Marty and I are going to try to get as many date nights in before our daughter is born.  Only 13 more weeks left and sooo much to do!