Amelia’s Second Birthday

Milly’s second birthday was here in a flash and she (and Big Sis of course) lovedΒ every minute of it. Β On her actual birthday, we surprised her with a new backpack (just like Everly’s) and a new Aurora nightgown and slippers. Β The girls both took their first train ride with Ganny and Gobble that day, and that night we took the birthday girl out to her very first haircut – it was time to part with the little blonde mullet. πŸ™‚

Literally, every picture of this kid was blurry at her birthday party; she was having so much fun and just couldn’t sit still. Β Sticking with tradition, it was a Pointer’s pizza and Lubeley’s cupcake kind of day. Β As always, Marty and I were overwhelmed with how many family members and friends came out to join us in celebrating her big day.

IMG_7614 IMG_7613


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