It’s 9 pm and both babies are finally sleeping.  Finding the time to write has been a bit of a challenge as we adjust to having two littles in the house these days.  Two mouths to feed, two sets of tiny hands to hold, two little faces to kiss, two teeny bodies to snuggle.  Maternity leave has been a blessing, however I’m not going to lie and say it’s been completely easy.  There have been plenty of sleepless nights, cranky girls (and parents), messy rooms , overflowing laundry baskets, and attention-starved pups.  But, all in all, we are adjusting and we are doing the best we can, knowing that in time it will get easier.

It’s quiet, calm moments like this, sitting in the dim light of my room rocking Amelia and watching Everly dream, when I can find a moment to catch my breath and just take it all in.  Throughout all of the craziness, I can’t help but feel so incredibly lucky and thankful for everything in my life in this moment.  One day, I know I’ll be an old lady and long for these days when my girls were young, so I’m enjoying each and every second.

Thank God for my amazing husband, he is truly my rock and I would not be the mother I am without him.  And my parents and Mother-in-Law – we are incredibly thankful for your constant willingness to help us out anytime.  Much love to all.


Letter to a Little Girl

“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.” – Unknown

Dear Little Dreamer,

In case I ever forget to tell you, I wanted you to know that:

Every night when I put Everly to bed, we lie in the stillness of her bedroom, with her tiny hands on my belly, while you squirm around this way and that.

Your Daddy and I finally decided on your name, and ever since I’ve been scribbling it in my notebook and stamping your tiny initials (A.J) on the back of random pieces of paper lying around the house.

You are getting stronger and stronger each and every day.  Sometimes, your kicks and rolls literally take my breath away.  Carrying you has been amazing and perfect.

Your Daddy and I have big plans for this little family of ours and promise to give you the best life that we possibly can.  We’re preparing pretty little things, creating a little space for you in our home, and teaching your older sister what we can about being a big sister.  She’s just as excited as we are to finally meet you.

Your Mama, Daddy, and Big Sister

P.S.  Your Daddy says you’re going to be spicy… We can’t imagine what could possibly be spicier than Ev, but we’re excited to find out!