First snow cone!

First snow cones of the season and definitely not the last! I was a big time snow cone junkie when I was pregnant with Everly and that craving has returned with this pregnancy too. It was only natural to bring Ev along today and introduce her to her first snow cone, which she absolutely loved.

Me: “Want to go get snow cones, Evy?” Ev: “Cone nuts? Yeah!” It was a done deal.

She had Strawberry, I had Tiger’s Blood, and they were a godsend in the 89-degree heat. The whole way home Ev talked to us about the “cones” and how good they were. Looks like I officially have another snow cone fan to hang out with this summer. 🙂

Very happy girls

We had a delightful weekend. We had friends over on Saturday night and I made these enchiladas which were fantastic. Ev stayed up late with us and was the highlight of the night, dancing to records in her PJ’s until her eyes grew heavy and she took my hand to take her to bed. One of my best friends, Lauren, and I, stayed up late talking and even decided to go on a late-night milkshake run. It was a lovely weekend indeed.


A Lovely June Weekend

As soon as the warmer weather gets here, it’s always “Go, go, go” for Marty and I, and that was definitely the case this weekend.  As soon as we walked in our doors from work on Friday evening, we had changed into our weekend clothes and were heading out – pups, baby, diaper bag, beer & all – to have dinner with a couple of our dearest friends.

The food was delicious – Tilapia, green beans, cauliflower mash – and we even got to enjoy some Ted Drewes for dessert.  Everly enjoyed her first bites of the famous St. Louis custard, and it definitely got her seal of approval.

Saturday was busy-busy as usual.  After breakfast & a morning bath for Ev, I headed out for a much needed haircut/color while Marty got to clean out the gutters (fun, fun, fun!) Evy got spoiled at Grandpa’s, then we got to ring in a very special birthday for another of our best friends that night.

Sunday was more on the relaxing side.  I got to sleep in a bit (7:30 is sleeping in for this Mama), then have morning coffee & playtime with Everly before heading out to a pool party!  I made this amazing Cabbage Apple Slaw with Glazed pecans and got to enjoy some pool time with the husband and good friend.

Yes, it was a lovely weekend indeed.  It’s only June, but I know these summer weekends won’t last forever, so I’ll be braving the rest of this week with a smile, and secretly counting down the days until Friday.  It just can’t come soon enough.  Hope you had a lovely weekend too!


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P.S. Isn’t the above image beautiful?  I hope to take pictures like that someday.  Image source.