A Lovely June Weekend

As soon as the warmer weather gets here, it’s always “Go, go, go” for Marty and I, and that was definitely the case this weekend.  As soon as we walked in our doors from work on Friday evening, we had changed into our weekend clothes and were heading out – pups, baby, diaper bag, beer & all – to have dinner with a couple of our dearest friends.

The food was delicious – Tilapia, green beans, cauliflower mash – and we even got to enjoy some Ted Drewes for dessert.  Everly enjoyed her first bites of the famous St. Louis custard, and it definitely got her seal of approval.

Saturday was busy-busy as usual.  After breakfast & a morning bath for Ev, I headed out for a much needed haircut/color while Marty got to clean out the gutters (fun, fun, fun!) Evy got spoiled at Grandpa’s, then we got to ring in a very special birthday for another of our best friends that night.

Sunday was more on the relaxing side.  I got to sleep in a bit (7:30 is sleeping in for this Mama), then have morning coffee & playtime with Everly before heading out to a pool party!  I made this amazing Cabbage Apple Slaw with Glazed pecans and got to enjoy some pool time with the husband and good friend.

Yes, it was a lovely weekend indeed.  It’s only June, but I know these summer weekends won’t last forever, so I’ll be braving the rest of this week with a smile, and secretly counting down the days until Friday.  It just can’t come soon enough.  Hope you had a lovely weekend too!


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P.S. Isn’t the above image beautiful?  I hope to take pictures like that someday.  Image source.

Summertime Fun

Hi there,  my apologies for being such a bad blogger lately; the summer bug has definitely bitten us and we’ve been busy bees enjoying much of the warmer weather with friends and family.  Since it’s been a while, I thought I’d give you all a little update on what’s new in the Buehler world.

We Celebrated A Special Anniversary
on 5.26, Marty and I clinked glasses to ring in 5 blissful years of marriage.  It’s so hard to believe that 5 years ago, we were just babies ourselves walking down the aisle with everything ahead of us. Last year on our 4-year anniversary, I couldn’t even imagine how much better things could get.  And here we are now, with our beautiful daughter who is a living testament to our union and the greatest gift we could have ever given one another.  We are truly living our dream as parents and could not be more excited for many more precious years to come, future children, and endless adventures.

And Then We Kicked off Summer with Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake
We packed up our car with pups, Everly, swimsuits and our summer gear and headed down to the lake to enjoy the day and get some sun.  Everly enjoyed breaking in yet another bathing suit, eating as much watermelon as her little heart desired, and being surrounded by all the sights and sounds the great outdoors has to offer.  There were boat rides, BBQ, lots of laughter, sunshine, and even a dip in the water.

And Now We’re Looking Forward to a Fully Packed Summertime Agenda
Summer is my favorite time of year, and this year we’ve got a lot to look forward to.  My brain is buzzing with excitement knowing that we have an upcoming trip to the beach with my family, followed by Everly’s first birthday party to plan – which I really need to get cracking on!  The wheels are already turning and I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve for making her birthday special and I hope to share them with you soon.  Until then, it’s Sunday and I’ve got one happy lady who needs some attention from her Mama.  Take care!