Everly’s Room

Marty and I are so happy that we can finally show you a first look at Everly’s nursery!  Above is a piece created by Lora, my cousin and one of my best friends (we’ve been buds since we were both babies!).  Each leaf is actually a thumb print of one of our friends from our baby party at Wildflower.  This has to be the coolest thing we’ve received and really set the tone for the rest of the room.

My Dad found this cute little frog lamp for Everly and we thought it would be perfect for right next to her crib.  Something about the lamp reminds me of my childhood and I can’t figure out what – I think the the two dancing frogs are actually characters from one of my old books.

And speaking of books, I’m a huge reader and hopefully little Ev will be too.  I plan on doing LOTS of reading to her in this very spot.  Until then, Leyla is guarding Everly’s room with her little laser beam eyes.  She likes to nap in this chair and I can tell she can’t wait for this little lady either!

We decided to do a bright orange on this wall for a pop of color, and then Marty found this amazing tree decal.  I love how he laid out her little onesie, socks, shoes and little flower beanie on the changing pad – we hope she fits in them because we want her to wear this outfit home from the hospital!

I love her bedding and can’t wait to put her down to sleep in this crib.  The little turtle actually projects constellations onto the ceiling at night, and it’s one of the many toys that we can’t wait to introduce to her.  It’s crazy to imagine that we finally get to meet her so soon!

We are so ready for you Everly – you can come when you are ready for us!  But don’t wait too long (and don’t get too big!) before you decide to join us, okay?  Go easy on your Mama!

And we’re calling her…

I guess it’s about time we let the cat out of the bag.  It’s not really a secret but we haven’t formally announced what her name will be.  We’re so excited to meet Miss Everly Grace – we think the name is beautiful and hope you all do too!

These are wooden baby blocks that actually made myself – I know, crazy right?  Watch out Everly Grace, your Mama is starting to get crafty!